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Shelbyville Times-Gazette: Sport Shop reaches Final Four

Three-point bombs dropped by Shelbyville Sport Shop doomed the Washington-based Maryland Mystics 83-68 Wednesday, advancing Sport Shop to the Final Four in the AAU 15-Under National Championship at Winston-Salem, N.C.

Maryland took an 12-3 lead so Sport Shop coach Matt Insell tried a different strategy. It worked. Nailing four treys in a row courtesy of Jackie Pickel and some strong, tough inside play, Shelbyville recovered to lead the Mystics 17-16.

Maryland regained a 25-23 lead, but not for long as Shelbyville bagged three more 3-pointers and three layups for a 42-36 halftime advantage.

The Mystics closed the gap to 55-52 in the second half, but Kenzie Rich hit two 3-point baskets allowing Sport Shop to pull away once again.

Maryland tried one last time to overtake Shelbyville, coming as close as 75-66, but Rich cranked up the 3-point shots again, sinking four to put Sport Shop up by 15.

Earlier Wednesday, Shelbyville beat the Dayton Lady Hoopstars-Black 81-76.

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